We celebrate couple Buizer’s 65 years of blessed married life!

After having written for five year from Holland to a penfriend in Bloemfontein, Mr. P. Buizer decided to propose, which was reluctantly accepted. It was, however, reason enough to decide to emigrate. It took a year to settle everything, all the paperwork and interviews, before a visa and workpermit were issued. The Bloemfontein Castle arrived in Capetown on the 13th October 1952 and two days later he met his future wife to be in Jhb. 18 Months later, on his 25th birthday, they were married on the 27th March 1952. They were blessed with a son, a daughter and another son. The first son passed away at 3 ½ years after he had open heart surgery in Minneapolis, where he spent 6 month in hospital. On his return he and his mother were accompanied by Dr. Chris Barnard who had finished his studies there. Between the son and daughter they were also blessed with three granddaughters and two grandsons. Also one each of great-grandchildren. The granddaughter, her husband and the two great-grandchildren emigrated recently to New Zealand. Old age and a leaking amorism forced them in Jan 2018 out of the flat into which they were living into the loving care of Ekklesia Park Home for the Age.

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