Extraordinary new residents at Ekklesiapark

At one o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by the silent call of an Egyptian goose at my door. I decided to investigate, got up, donned my gown, and opened my door. There, in front of me, I am super surprised to find Father and Mother goose with a full complement of 9 chicklets!

They slowly walk down the passage and I follow them with the intention to help them get back outside. But they arrogantly pass the open door. I tip-toe so as not to frighten them.

They display the most beautiful picture and I marvel at their surprise presence. They continue to move to the sister’s station and continue their journey until they reach the bottom of the passage. At the end of this mission, we turn left and walk towards the passage that branches off the main one. At this point Mother goose apparently thought it was time to get some rest. The little “cuties” were only born this morning!! She opens her wings widely, and the babies crawl in under the warm and cosy wings so that they become completely invisible. Father goose silently looks and contemplates what is going on.

Surprise and deep astonishment fills me, and I soundlessly turn around and head back to my room for a bit more shut-eye before the morning breaks.

I am quietly nonplussed and deeply touched by the geese family with Mother who seems completely knowledgeable in the rearing of these nine progenies….here in the passages of Ekklesia Park. In the morning sunshine, everyone is surprise by the new “residents” who moved into our Home, and they donate willingly in order to purchase enough food for the geese family. No one can survive on bread alone, can they?? – (Mrs Jacie Buys)

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